The pictures in your private gallery are 'proofs' and have not been retouched.  The picture(s) you select will be professionally retouched resulting in a high quality photographic print.

Please review and make your selection for your ordered  package and/or a la cart print(s) by indicating in the ‘Comment Section' under individual proofs as follows:

          •  If you ordered the Silver Package  - type S in the Comment Section

         •  If you ordered the Bronze Package  - type B in the Comment Section 

         • If you ordered the Gold  Package  - type Gin the Comment Section

Additional packages may be ordered by typing X[Package Code Letter above]  in the Comment Section  Example  to order an additional Silver Package type XS.

Additional print(s) may be ordered by indicating in the 'Comment Section' under the selected proof(s) as follows:

          •  4 x 6 prints  -  type X46  in the Comment Section

         •  5 x 7 prints  -  type X57  in the Comment Section

         •  8 x 10 prints  -  type X810  in the Comment Section

         •  8 Wallents prints  -  type XW  in the Comment Section

Payment for additional packages and/or prints from the a la carte price list will be due at the time of delivery

Please make your selection(s) by Thursday. April 9th!

You will receive an email when your order is ready and how to receive them.  It is my intention to have them ready by the Band Banquet (April 18th), if not they will be ready no later than April 27th.

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